The Lifeline

The death and the following story

             I died yesterday by an unfortunate accident. Would you like to listen to my story for a moment? I left a wonderful person with loneliness and got out of my dead body, but somehow I’m staying here and watching her a step behind like I’m still alive. I can see you, but you can’t see me. That weird feeling reminds me of what the fortune teller said where we visited together one day. She said « you guys will live happily ever after. » I don’t usually believe the fortune telling, so that didn’t bother me that much. However, I heard that when we die, we’ll no longer have emotions, but every time I see you crying, that tears my heart that I don’t even have anymore.


             He died yesterday. He went on an another journey and left me alone. If there’s a God, why did you take him away from me? I hate it, but I’m beginning to tire, I can’t get to do anything these days. If he saw this, he would be mad. Ah, he’s not here anymore. Where are you now? I can’t see you. Can you see me? The tears come to my eyes again because I feel like you’re now more precious to me than when we were together. I never thought this would happen to me. It’s nothing new, but I realised that it’s because I really love you. There’s a lot of things that I wanted to do with you. This is unfair. I even miss our little fights, but now there’s nothing I can do, I yelled at the sky. I was in sorrow, I was all alone, so I decided to join you. Then I think I heard your voice. I’ve been calling your name over and over again and it never had reached you until now, but that voice blew my sorrow away.


             Please I want you to be happy cause I’m still here. I don’t want to see you crying. She briskly said « Alright » with a bright smile on her face.


             I finally understand what fortune teller meant. Even now we’re so happy, so I may believe it.


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